Virtual Congress

We manage virtual congresses for you.
Example: For the Osteology foundation we held the virtual USA symposium with more than 3000 participants in April 2020 replacing the planned event in New York.

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Webinar Technology

We provide fully customizable Webinar solutions.
Example: For our partner GEISTLICH BIOMATERIALS we developed the "Geistlich Jubilee Webinar World Tour 2016" with webinars held at different times in different countries!

Online Classrooms

Innovative classrooms for for tailored training sessions.
"BLENDED LEARNING" concept to link practical on-site training courses with theoretical learning before / during / or after the practical training.

Our ONLINE CLASSROOM was developed that can ideally combine these two elements (see example developed for European Association of Osseointegration (EAO).

Customized E-learning Platforms

We produce 100% tailor made communication platforms ! We offer complete service for design, development, programming, hosting and maintenance.

See 2 Examples:

The "Dental Campus" platform was launched in 2013 and completely renewed in 2016. It was fully designed and developed in close cooperation with the Dental Campus Association

"The Box" was launched in April 2016 during the Osteology Congress in Monaco as a community platform fully customized and branded for the Osteology Foundation.

Customized E-learning Libraries

We built your media library for your own learning content.
Organize all videos, case studies documents, publications in a well structured Education hub and stream it to your internal and external stake holders.

Structured E-learning Content to be licenced

License structured e-learning content for Implant Dentistry from our online education partner DENTAL CAMPUS.

Currently EAO Education program and AAID MaxiCourses® and other organizations continuously use this concept for their trainings.